Webroot Window Washer 6.5: Webroot® Window Washer® simply and safely wipes your internet tracks clean.

Webroot Window Washer 6.5

Webroot® Window Washer® is an award-winning software solution designed to protect your privacy by permanently removing all traces of your web browsing history and other personal information from your PC. Recommended by privacy advocates around the world, Webroot Window Washer scours your hard drive with a single click and removes information such as Web sites visited, downloaded files and stored user names and passwords. Window Washer also removes

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Evidence Sweeper 3.0.5: Clear your latest computer activities and sensitive documents

Evidence Sweeper 3.0.5

Evidence Sweeper is the best choice to safely and completely increase system performance and completely clear away your on and off line activities. It`s an Internet cleaner, system cleaner, registry cleaner and privacy protector all in one! Evidence Sweeper can protect you from the dangers of the Internet! He clears sensitive areas of your hard disk also clear all records of the most recently accessed documents or all previously visited web-sites

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Webroot Pop-Up Washer 2.5: Stop intrusive pop-up ads and regain control of your online world

Webroot Pop-Up Washer 2.5

Washer is the perfect addition to your online world. Pop-Up Washer stops pop-ups at the Internet Explorer engine before they appear, preventing screen flickers common to other pop-up blockers. With one-click activation, you have the option to log blocked pop-ups. Customize which sound you want to hear when Pop-Up Washer blocks an ad. Pop-Up Washer installs quickly, operates without getting in the way of your system resources, and offers easy-to-use

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MacWasher X 1.1: Webroot MacWasher X provides security and privacy for Mac users running OS X

MacWasher X 1.1

Washer X adds the ability to wash the chat history files of many major chat programs such as iChat, ICQ and AIM, as well as the popular "all-in-one" OS X chat programs Proteus and Fire. MacWasher X also offers cleaning of a much wider variety of browsers, covering the new Apple web browser Safari, AOL, Opera and Mozilla, as well as the current OS X versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape. Utilizing Webroot Software`s Plug-in technology

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Web Padlock 3.2: Web Padlock lets you control  what Web pages can be viewed on your computer

Web Padlock 3.2

Web browser. This gives you control over what Web pages can be viewed on your computer. Once installed, Web Padlock blocks other Web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Netscape, or America Online) from running. This leaves Web Padlock as the only available Web browser. In order to view any Web page on Web Padlock when Web Padlock is in the locked mode, that Web page must have been added to the authorized Web page list. A user selected password is

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Web20Graphics 2.2

Web 2.0 Images, Icons, Templates, Graphics, Mini-sites, Fonts & More. The Web20graphics package is a complete webmasters toolkit like no other!. Custom designed web 2.0 graphics combined with top of the range website templates make this an essential addition to ANY webmasters collection. This package has just about everything you would ever need to create stunning web 2,0 compliant websites. Not only this but the graphics will work on any website

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WebPartner Toolbar 1.0.5: WebPartner Bringing the Web to You - Community knowledge & automated publishing

WebPartner Toolbar 1.0.5

WebPartner - Bringing the Web to You – Using WebPartner’s easy to use interface, Publishers configure “web channels” to pull the latest content from wherever it exists across the world-wide web (web pages, rss feeds, etc). Channel publishers and readers comment, contribute & respond to the latest breaking news on the web. You can subscribe to existing web channels. Or you can configure your own web channels. Web channels can be designated

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WebRecorder 2.05: Records web activity to quickly create reliable internet macros and web autos

WebRecorder 2.05

Record web browser activity to quickly and easily create reliable internet macros and web automation scripts. No coding required. Just browse the web and WebRecorder records what you do and creates the script for you. Ideal for automating web site logons, downloads, data retrieval, testing web sites and web applications and automating web client applications. WebRecorder creates scripts that run in Macro Scheduler.

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Perfect Web 2.0 Icons 2012.1: A collection of 246 royalty-free Web 2.0 icons for designers and Web developers

Perfect Web 2.0 Icons 2012.1

Web 2.0 applications with professional graphics! The collection of 246 ready-made Web 2.0 icons covers a wide range of popular subjects, control elements, actions and entities you`re likely to use in your Web 2.0 portal. Perfect Web 2.0 Icons offers Web developers a perfect chance to save when designing enhance e-commerce sites, online stores, Web portals, blogs, forums and social Web sites. Perfect Web 2.0 Icons offer a large collection of images

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DNN IM of Facebook Like Messenger  1.0: Empower DNN Website with Free Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar.

DNN IM of Facebook Like Messenger 1.0

webmaster will be assist to integrate 123 Web Messenger with DotNetNuke and insert a free "Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar" located at the bottom of your webpage with the Friends List button. Other Features of FREE Facebook Like Messenger for DotNetNuke: 1) Auto-login After the integration of DotNetNuke website Database with the 123 Web Messenger, members of website could login automatically the 123 Web Messenger without re-enter username and

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